Hiring an Orlando Boudoir Photographer: A How To Guide For 2021
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Hiring An Orlando Boudoir Photographer: 

A how To Guide For 2021

If you’ve been thinking about hiring an Orlando boudoir photographer, there are some important factors to be considered before finalizing your arrangements and setting up your photo shoot. 

Boudoir photography is an investment in yourself — in more ways than one. A little bit of consideration in each of these areas will go a long way in making sure you have an amazing experience. Some of these may seem self evident, but it’s still a good checklist to make sure you have everything in place to get the results you want. 

I believe there are four major components you should consider before hiring an Orlando boudoir photographer, whether it be male or female. 

#1 Boudoir Portfolio

First is their portfolio.

It’s pretty simple, really — do you like their images? 

Every photographer is going to have a slightly different creative style and there are different levels of technical expertise. 

The good thing with photography is that it is all on display for you to decide. 

Do you like their style? The colors? The black and whites? The level of editing? Do you prefer more natural or more studio-like images?

Do they have a wide array of photographs to look at or just a few?

Do they focus on boudoir and have a passion for it…or is it just one of many things they shoot?

So there's a lot to consider, but sometimes it’s as easy as a quick look at a portfolio and a yay or nay. 

By and large, what you really want in a photographer is competence -- and there is no better way to determine that than by looking at their portfolio. 

Moreover, the images in a portfolio should give you a pretty good idea of the quality of images you'll be getting too. 

#2 Referrals and Reviews

It’s hard to beat a strong referral from a friend. 

A friend can fill you in on their experience and what you can expect as well. 

A good photographer will understand this and do everything in their power to make your experience amazing so you can rave about it to your friends. 

Since getting a first hand referral from a friend might not be possible, you can also get a sense of the overall boudoir experience through reading online (Google) reviews and testimonials.

#3 Communication Style

Communication is big part of boudoir photography because the photographer will essentially be directing you through the photo shoot. 

Here’s the pro tip — how well a photographer communicates with you and helps you feel at ease begins long before your scheduled shoot. 

In fact, it begins the first time you communicate, whether it is through a web inquiry, email, text, phone call or video chat. 

All of these communication channels — and each time you communicate prior to your shoot — will help you get a feel for how well you gel with each other and how smoothly your shoot will go. 

Much like viewing a portfolio, your gut will tell you if it feels right or not. 

#4 Professionalism

When you are paying for a professional service you expect…well…professional service. 

There are basics any professional should be able to handle, and a boudoir photographer should be no different:

Are your emails or inquiries being answered in a timely manner?

Do you have an idea of how they price their work?

Are the rest of your questions being answered to your satisfaction? 

How professional the photographer handles themselves prior to the shoot will help set the stage for what you can expect the day of your shoot and then afterwards. This includes if your session begins on time, how any unforeseen issues are handled, and if your finished images are delivered as expected.  

While most photographers don’t have the luxury of a full time staff to handle the details, a true professional will deliver as expected and get things done. 

If you think about it, hiring a boudoir photographer really isn’t that much different than hiring any other kind of professional.

You want to know whether they are capable of producing the kind of results worthy of your hard-earned money. You want to know if the total experience will be safe, fun, and everything you want it to be.

To make sure this happens, do a little homework prior to your photo shoot to make sure you've found the best possible Orlando boudoir photographer for you!

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